Divorcing a Narcissist, Rebuilding After the Storm

Tina Swithin's life was hit by a devastating storm in 2009. Tina had recently heard the words narcissistic personality disorder used to describe her then-husband by a therapist, yet she had no real understanding of how this disorder would turn her life upside down during a custody battle that spanned six years. In less than a year, Tina lost her home, businesses, cars, worldly possessions, and marriage. In one fell swoop, everything was gone.

In family court, Tina acted as her own attorney and finally, in 2014, secured peace and safety for her young daughters. A true "lemon to lemonade" story, Tina has rebuilt her life and thrives in the aftermath of what threatened to destroy her. Tina has found solace in sharing her internationally recognized story with others in her series, Divorcing a Narcissist. She has dedicated her life to advocacy and consulting with others facing the same battles.

In her new book, Rebuilding After the Storm, Tina takes her listeners through the steps to rebuild their lives and thrive postnarcissist. Dr. Craig Malkin, psychology instructor at Harvard Medical School, states, "If you need to start over, this is the woman you want holding your hand through the process."

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