Benefits of Hiring a Divorce Coach

When going through a divorce some people often feel overwhelmed with all the expenses related to the divorce, not to mention the feeling of uncertainty as all of the assets are being divided.  The thought of adding another professional to the team may seem counterintuitive and somewhat extravagant.


There are many benefits to hiring a Divorce Coach that will actually help reduce overall costs associated with the divorce, in addition to making the process smoother. Here are a few to consider:


  • A Divorce Coach helps you deal with the emotional issues and confusion that arises so that you are not relying on your attorney or mediator to help you work through these issues (which slows down the process) at a much higher hourly rate.

  • A Divorce Coach helps you prioritize what is important to you today, tomorrow and 10 years from now so that you are not making emotional decisions that you may regret later.

  • A Divorce Coach helps you break down tasks into manageable pieces so that you are not overwhelmed with the process.

  • A Divorce Coach helps you let go of old habits and take steps towards creating a new life.

​​These are just a few of the things that a Divorce Coach can help you with.  Below are links to articles that will provide more information on the role that a Divorce Coach can play in your life.