About Me

All of my experiences in life led me to want to find a second career that could help people help themselves.  Throughout challenging times well-intentioned people would want to give me advice on how to solve the problem, fix what was broken, change my life, etc.  What I realized was that, even though many of them had great things to share with me, most of the answers didn’t work FOR ME.  I realized that the only answers that were relevant and true were those that I found within myself.  Those were the ones worth putting time and effort behind.  Those were the ones worth fighting for.


When I had this “Ah-Ha” moment I knew what it was I wanted to do.  I wanted to Coach.  I wanted to help other people find the answers that they are willing to work at, fight for and believe in.  


Having gone through a high test divorce I realized where I can help people the most is in the area of Divorce and Transition Coaching. I want to give others the support that I didn't have during my divorce. I also want to help people find or redefine themselves and discover joy in their days and hope for their future.

Helping people navigate the divorce process and develop coping strategies allows them to more productively deal with their emotions.  When emotions are managed people are better able to process the legal and financial information they are presented with, which in turn creates better decision making.  

In order to provide my clients with the best support possible I have invested hundreds of hours towards my training.  I am also committed to continuing my education in areas that will allow me to offer the most knowledge, support and recommendations to the people I work with. It is important to me that if I can't help you, I have the experience and resources to direct you to a professional that can. 

I'm proud to say that I am a part of the Vesta Professional Network. Our approach to divorce is to work collaboratively with other trusted divorce professionals to provide you with the education and support to navigate your divorce and post-divorce life with courage and dignity. You will move through the process more smoothly, with greater knowledge, confidence and peace of mind.


Experience & Training

Here are my credentials:

Graduate of Coach U Core Essentials Program 

Certified YouMap® Coach and Facilitator 

Mastermind Group Facilitator Training


International Coach Federation (ICF) Member


VESTA: Redefining Divorce Vetted Network Professional


Kelly is understanding and shows a lot of empathy while trusting me to know what is best in my life. She challenged me in the right way.


Past Client Experiences


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